Our Team

The Exhale Team

Exhale team members are highly qualified and work within their scope of practice. We have extensive training in trauma, addictions, and relational recovery. We do our own personal therapeutic work and strive for continued emotional and spiritual development.

“You cannot lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself.” – Gene Mauch

We do our best to speak the truth in love, to glorify God in our work, and to help people to lead a healthy, grounded life.

Michelle Abbott

Clinical Director
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Board Approved Supervisor

Hourly Rate: $150/hr

Michelle has been working in the field since 2006, with couples, families, individuals, and teens. She specializes in guiding people through seasons of distress, as they work to locate hurdles and strongholds that may hinder them from living a full and rewarding life. Most of all, she finds joy in empowering others to change.

Michelle is a masters-level therapist trained in EMDR, who specializes in trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, grief work, marriage restoration, and boundary building. She also works to help families who have loved ones affected by disabilities as well as ministers who may be struggling through caregiver fatigue, personal challenges, or infidelity.

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Jaime Coggins

Trauma and/or Addictions Recovery Coach

Hourly Rate: $90/hr

Jamie’s choice to become a Trauma and Addictions recovery coach results from a significant amount of personal and professional experience. He’s walked the journey of childhood trauma, substance abuse, and PTSD symptoms. Jamie has found healing and sobriety through a wide range of modalities and learning, intertwined with his faith.

He’s also had the honor of working in the mental health field for decades in recovery groups, mentoring, sponsoring, and coaching others toward discovering their authentic self, purpose, and freedom.

Laura Dahlen

Somatic Yoga Therapist, Trauma Recovery Coach

Hourly Rate: $90/hr

Laura has specialized training in trauma recovery, especially in regard to how it manifests in the body. With experience working in high-acuity, residential treatment for PTSD, she specializes in helping others establish improved health, empowerment, body image, and boundaries as they heal from shame and work toward regaining their voice.

Laura believes in the integration of body, mind, and spirit as she utilizes a variety of practical interventions. Whether receiving coaching, somatic yoga therapy, trauma processing, table work, or groups, you’ll be met with empathy and support. Laura also works with children, adolescents and adults.

Karen Ohlwiler

Licensed Professional Counselor
Independent Business Officing at Exhale

Hourly Rate: $100/hr

Karen specializes in treating anxiety, depression, grief and loss, abuse recovery, trauma resolution, post-abortion syndrome, as well as post-adoption grief. As a fellow wounded healer, she provides a gentle and compassionate approach for combining professional models that align with biblical truth. She also respects all beliefs because she understands how spirituality can be a tremendous source of strength for healing and growth.

Karen is passionate and empathetic about empowering people as they face the many emotional issues that interfere with healthy relationships. It’s her privilege to accompany you on your journey through change and growth, especially if that means exploring any emotional, psychological, or spiritual issues that keep you stuck.

Kingsley Sorge

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern
Life Wellness Coach

Hourly Rate: $65/hr

Kingsley offers a holistic approach for helping adolescents and adults to achieve a progressive realization of their personal well-being. He collaborates using a nonjudgmental, supportive, and hope-filled approach that facilitates understanding of self, others, and life’s context for people to create a more desirable personal future.

As a graduate-level biblical student, natural health professional, naturopathic clinic manager, and personal fitness trainer, Kingsley hopes to help people explore fresh possibilities and perspectives in developing individualized, evidence-based treatment plans.