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Karrie Meyer
Clinical Director

Karrie has been practicing since 2001. She considers it a privilege to hear your story, know your heart, and walk the journey with you. Karrie works with individuals, couples, and offers therapy groups at times . It is her hope that safety and trust can develop in the therapeutic relationship so that you can feel comfortable sharing and no longer have to be alone in your struggles.

She specializes in helping couples to recover from infidelity, restore connection and intimacy, and increase communication. For individuals, she specializes in trauma and abuse recovery, depression/anxiety, grief, and building healthy boundaries.

Additionally, Exhale Counseling Services offer a variety of groups and weekend intensives which aid in the healing process. Finally, Karrie does her best to speak the truth in love, to glorify God in her work, and to help people to lead a healthy life.

Our Team

Exhale Counseling Services is comprised of a team of wounded healers. Our intent is to bring a combination of clinical excellence, insight from our personal recovery, and integration of faith when welcomed.  We strive to seek cutting edge trainings including attachment and trauma based therapies.  We work as a collaborative team and seek to bring efficient, safe, quality treatment.  We feel it a privilege to work alongside you and to hold space for your process.


Alicia Adamczyk, INTERN

Alicia began her counseling journey as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor while serving our country in the United States Air Force. She completed a Masters in Human Services with an emphasis in Crisis Response and Trauma in 2014 and is working on the last year of her Masters of Social Work program. Alicia has experience working with substance abuse and dependence, navigating the challenges of young adulthood, and healing anxiety and stress; she knows grief and suicide loss intimately.She has a passion for working with couples on marital and parenting struggles.

Alicia knows first hand that life is both beauty and pain, joy and sorrow, blessings and struggles. She brings a deep sense of compassion to the counseling relationship and desires to sit with you in the dark until you are ready to step back into the light. Her passion is to walk with you as you heal and grow into the person you envision being. She is excited to help you regain vision and purpose, helping you create the life you desire.

Alicia has a heart for Christ, who is the greatest Counselor, and ultimate Healer. She is ready to invite the Holy Spirit into session with those clients desiring that spiritual piece.

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